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lesson 2.2 On-Page SEO Pt 2: How to Optimize a Page for a Keyword

in order to rank for a ton of keywords and get a ton of search traffic you need:

1/page that's optimized to rank


on page seo

1/ensure your page satifies seacher intent: 

>>content type

>>content format

>>content angle

2/the actual content

itself is what'll leave your visitors satisfied or dissatisfied

Q: what exactly do i write about in order to satisfy searchers?

A:Learn from your competitors's pages

SERF>check top rank page(the page match the dominant search intent base on 3C)

a content gap analysis at the page level will show you common keywords

that the top pages are ranking for where your page isn't


techical on page SEO optimizations

1/include your target keyword in your title when it makes sense

2/use a short and descriptive URL slug

easiest way to choose your slug is to use your target keyword

where spaces will be replaced with hyphens

3/meta description

meta description

*HTML code that's meant to briefly summarize your page

4/add internal links to and from your pages

internal links

*links from one page on the same domain to another

매우 파워풀 이유는

>>they can pass link a authority to other relevant pages.

>>they help search engines better understand page's contents.

ex) 너가 이력서 작성법에 대해 쓸거면 자기소개서 작성법에 관한 링크가 필요할 것

그 반대도 마찬가지

5/ optimize your images

optimizing your images for SEO

1/name your image files appropriately

ex)강아지 사진 쓸거면 사진 이름도 강아지 라고 적어

2/use descriptive alt text

alt text(alternative text)

*an HTML attribute that goes in your image tag

3/compress your image

사이트는 이거 ▼ 써 사진 줄일때

워드 프레스는 이


6/optimaize for readability

1/write in short sentences and short paragraphs 

2/use descriptive subheadings 

3/use a large enough font

4/avoid using big words

5/write as you speak

other on page optimizations:

>>open graph (OG) meta tags

>>schema markup


the most important part of your content is that you're striving to satisfy 

searcher intent


여기 on page SEO 체크리스트 

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