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lesson 1.3.keyword reseach pt 2.: how to find keywords for your website

keyword research

the process of finding keywords that people are searching for in search engines

keyword research

1.generate keyword ideas <<주로 이거 다룰거임

2.validate whether those keywords are worth going after


key word ideas 위해서  i need a keyword research tool


keyword research tools

>>show you information on keywords

V search volume

V keyword difficulty scores

V other SEO metrics

>>they should help you discover potential topics worth going after



a broad keyword related to your niche

go keyword tool and add a few seeds for our site

ex) if you have golf site (seed key word >> golf balls , golf clubs. golf hats

and you will see many keyword in phrase match

so you need to filter them


1.we want keywords that have search demand

2.keywords with traffic potential

3.keywords with business potential

4.we need to be able to match search intent

5.we want to know how hard it ll be to rank at the top of google for that keyword


for 1.we want keywords that have search demand

>Search volume minimum at least 300 montly

for 2.keywords with traffic potential

traffic potential mor reliable metric than search volume bc not all searches result in clicks. we want traffic not search at the end

to see that, you need to look at the top ranking pages traffic.

for 3.keywords with business potential

traffic and

you need to check 4.we need to be able to match search intent

for 4.we need to be able to match search intent

in top raking, almost all of top raking pages are ecommerce category pages

>searches are shopping mode

come back to the business potential

keyword value 

3.business potential of the keyword or topic
3 2 1 점수를 매겨서 순위를 정해라
어떻게 정하는데?

좀더 중요한 토픽일 수록 높은 점수

뭐가 중요한 토픽인데?

1.구매 의사가 있는가?

2.뭘 구매 할 지 아는가?

3.제품을 추천하기 쉬운가?

4.키워드랑 연관되어 있는가?

다 걸러냈으면 키워드 리스트에 추가해주면 되는데

전부 다 추가하려면 시간이 많이 드니까 여기 팁이 있음


1.add on to a base keyword.

ex) if our base keyword is "golf hats" we can modify this keyword by adding

"best""top" or current year.

like "best golf hats" "top golf hats" " 2024 golf hats"

modifer 는 search intent 에 대해 많은 것을 알려주기도 하는

best- 비교가 이루어져야함 > searches are looking for listicle blog posts with variouse

differnt product recommendations

how,what- informational content (blog posts,videos with step-by-step tutorials )


A/keywords that likely have business potential

B/keywords where we can match searcher intent

ex) "best" "top" "vs " "review" 

>>this keyword would bring up topics where we can organically recommend product


>>we can apply the list to find informational topics that we could write about on our blog.

하지만 좋은 키워드가 항상 너의 seed 키워드를 포함하고 있지는 않다

>그렇다면 seed 키워드를 포함하지 않은 건 어떻게 찾는데?

look at pages that drive the most traffic to your competitor's site


to find these competitors

click my keyword > traffic share >by domain

click on the caret beside a domain


click top pages

that send the most search traffic to a website

in the list you can find keyword dont contain our seed




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